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According to the RCGP upto 30% of GP trainees FAIL the CSA exam. Are YOU fully prepared?

Learn everything you need to know to Pass the CSA exam 1st time!

Wide range of packages to choose from!

BRONZE Package: 4.5 hours Online CSA Video course

SILVER Package: adds on 59 CSA cases with examiners mark schemes

GOLD Package: adds on 170+ Gold standard CSA consultation videos with real CSA actors

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170+ MRCGP CSA Videos (20 Hours+ Content)

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CSA Full Day Course (Roleplay)

CSA Full Day Course (Roleplay)



Sitting your MRCGP CSA Exam can be a nerve wracking experience.  We answer all the below questions and more in our 10 Module: How to Pass the MRCGP Exam Video Course. Sit back, grab a cup of tea and let a UK GP show you how to score top marks in the CSA exam.

  • A unique CSA Course giving you the exact step-by-step methods you need, in order to pass the MRCGP CSA exam.
  • Indepth access to all the high scoring tips, techniques and methods, used by the top scoring MRCGP CSA candidates.
  • Psychcological breakdown of what the Top Scoring candidates do, to mentally prepare for the CSA
  • Complete orientation of the MRCGP CSA exam process and logistics
  • Step-by-Step breakdown of Top Scoring communication skills: Learn in hours, not months.
  • Full breakdown of CSA consultation structure: from opening the door, to saying goodbye.
  • Top Errors highlighted that commonly FAIL CSA candidates and how to avoid them.
  • A-Z of CSA cases: All variations of possible cases broken down: Be prepared and have no suprises in the actual CSA exam!
  • A complete ABC sytem, to allow you to approach any CSA case given to you on the exam day.
  • In-Depth HD Video Consultations with LIVE breakdown, teaching you how to tackle ANY case/topic/issue in the CSA, with a proven step-by-step formula.
  • HD Video Breakdowns of a passing CSA candidate: see for yourself exactly what to do, to score the highest marks.
  • Ideal for candidates who need to learn the maximum amount of useful information in the least possible time

MRCGP CSA Video Course

Module 1 - Introduction to CSA ABC

Module 2 - Unlocking the Psychology of the CSA exam and How to Prepare

Module 3 - Advanced Level Communication Skills: Techniques and Methods

Module 4 - Advanced Consultation Strategy: Step By Step Approach

Module 5 - A-Z of CSA Cases: No suprises!

Module 6 - MRCGP CSA Consultation Video Breakdowns: Secrets of a Passing CSA Candidate

Module 7 - MRCGP CSA Actors: Top Insider Tips

Module 8 - MRCGP CSA Booster Resources

Module 9 - Q&A

Module 10 - Close

All our Video Courses come with a Certificate of Completion for your records

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Our High Definition Video Courses can be accessed from any PC/Laptop/Smart Phone/Tablet Device, anywhere in the world, at any time. Our 24 hour IT servers are located at major cities across the Globe and can handle millions of users online at once. Furthermore, our courses are truly flexible: you can learn at your own pace and revisit topics whenever you want, unlike traditional face to face courses.

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Money matters, and that's why all our courses are competitvely priced, to offer the best value propositon of any other course available to you. We know that students early on in their career journey often have limited resources and therefore our prices are tailored to your circumstances. However, as the standards of assessments get progressively higher through your career, passing exams can become an expensive business and paying for the correct information is worth every penny.

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The best investment you can make for your future is yourself. If you are able to pass exams and assessments, you can then earn money to spend on family, houses, cars, charity and leisure actitvities to name a few. But it is vital you make yourself the best person possible in the time that you have available to you. That's why at Inspire Medics we believe our services not only enhance your performance but they also teach you how to be a better person in the long run, by making you more rounded and adept.

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After subscribing to our Online Video Courses, you will be sent a personalised Certificate of Completion, with your name on. This can be used for displaying in a certifcate folder, mentioned in your personal statement, taken along for interviews or even accredited for CPD points.

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