Acute Prostatitis

Acute Prostatitis

What is Acute Prostatitis 

 Infection of the prostate gland with bacteria 🤢

 Bladder infection is common at the same time 


What are the symptoms of Acute Prostatitis

 Symptoms develop quickly over a few days 

 Pain around the prostate area😪

 Pain or difficulty when passing urine 🚽

Passing urine more often

 Fever 🌡

How do you diagnose Acute Prostatitis

 Urine tests 🚽

Blood tests (check for infection)

 Physical examination of the prostate


How do you treat Acute Prostatitis

 Antibiotics 💊

 Painkillers 💊


Why should I worry about Acute Prostatitis

 Severe infection 

 Urine retention 

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