Chronic Prostatitis

What is Chronic Prostatitis

 Persistent inflammation of the prostate gland 

 Needs to be there for at least 3 months 


What are the symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis

 Pain and discomfort 😪

 Urine infection 

 Sexual problems 

 Urge to pass more urine 🚽


How do you diagnose Chronic Prostatitis

 Examination of the prostate gland 

 Urine sample  🚽

 Blood tests to check kidney function 


How do you treat Chronic Prostatitis

 Painkillers 💊

 Antibiotics 💊

 Laxatives 💊


Why should I worry about Chronic Prostatitis

 Symptoms may come and go 

 Symptoms normally pass after 6 months of treatment 

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