LUTS in Men

What are LUTS in Men ❓

 Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men 👨

 Various symptoms in which one or more may be experienced

 Causes: abnormalities in urinary tract e.g. enlarged prostate, infection, some drugs and conditions

 Risk factors: being older, obesity, diabetes, fat/red meat intake 🥩

What are the Symptoms of LUTS ❓

 Storage symptoms:

 Overactive bladder

 Bed-wetting 🛌

 Feeling the need to urinate straight after

 Voiding symptoms:

 Slow/irregular stream 💦



 Post-micturition symptoms:

 Dribbling just after going toilet 🚽

 Sensation of not being finished

How do you Diagnose LUTS ❓

 Medical assessment of symptoms and history

 Keeping a diary of symptoms 📖

 Various urine tests

 May need blood test (blood count/prostate) 💉

How do you Treat LUTS ❓

 Self-care: pelvic exercises, fluids, continence products

 Diet/lifestyle advice: healthy weight, stop smoking/drinking, limit intake of caffeine and fat ☕

 Medication such as alpha blockers 💊

 Urinary catheter to empty bladder (possibly long-term)

 Surgery in e.g. prostate 🏥

Why should I Worry about LUTS ❓

 Some men have persistent LUTS ⌛

 Rarely, it can lead to kidney stones

 Rarely, symptoms can be an indication of cancer 🤕

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