What is Malaria ❓ 

 A life threatening illness caused by infection of red blood cells by parasites

 Risk of infection is mainly from tropical regions in the world 🌎

 Cause: a mosquito bite which passes on “Plasmodium” parasites 🦟

What are the Symptoms of Malaria ❓

 Fever of 38oc or above 🥵


 Head/body aches 💪


 Confusion 💫

 Vomiting/diarrhoea ðŸ¤®

 Sore throat/cough

How do you Diagnose Malaria ❓

 Blood test to confirm parasite infection 💉

How do you Treat Malaria ❓

 Monitoring of patient 🔍

 Urgent anti-malarial drugs/therapy


 Awareness of high risk locations ✈️

 Insect repllent/nets/cover to avoid bites

 Anti-malarial tablets to prevent infection 💊

Why should I Worry about Malaria ❓

 Malaria symptoms can develop up to a year after a bite 📆

 Can be fatal if not treated quickly

 Can cause severe anaemia, brain damage or coma in some cases 🏥

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