Malaria Prevention

What is Malaria Prevention ❓

 Malaria is a serious disease caused by a parasitic infection

 The disease is spread via mosquitos in mainly tropical regions 🦟

 The disease can be prevented with proper prevention methods

What are the Main Types of Malaria Prevention ❓

 Advice: awareness of location risks, knowing what malaria looks like, avoid being outside at night 🌛

 Insect repellents, nets, clothing to avoid bites

 Anti-malarial drugs, taken prior, to prevent disease (chemoprophylaxis) such as chloroquine 💊

What is Malaria Prevention used for ❓

 Some methods aim to attempt to avoid being bitten 🚫

 Other methods aim to prevent the disease if you are bitten

 Some people are more vulnerable to the life-threatening disease such as children, pregnant women & the immunocompromised 👶

What are the Adverse Effects of Malaria Prevention ❓

 Some insect repellents can cause skin/eye irritation 👀

 Anti-malarial drugs can be fatal if not taken correctly

 Other effects of anti-malarial drugs may include:

 Constipation/diarrhoea 🚽


 Nausea/dizziness 💫

 Skin/hair/nail discolouration or loss

 Mouth ulcers 👄

 Mental health changes

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