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MRCGP CSA Cases Covered

Women's Health - Mennorhagia, Pregnancy, Domestic Violence, STI, Menopause, COCP, Emergency Contraception, Breast Lump, Cervical Screening

Urology/Men's Health - Vasectomy, PSA, Prostate Cancer, Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction

Paediatrics/Genetics - Circumsicion, Enuresis, Eating Disorder, Genetics Autosomal Dominant Case, Genetics Autosomal Recessive Case, Down's Screening, Paternity Testing, FGM

ENT/Opthamology - Nasal Op, Sinusitis, 2WW ENT, BPPV, Red Eye

Psychiatry/Neurology - Migraine, Anxiety, MS, Dementia, Suicidal

Rheumatology/Musculoskeletal - Plantar Fasciitis, OA, Osteoperosis, Golfer's Elbow, Low Back Pain

Gastroenterology/Surgery - Dyspepsia, Abnormal LFT's, IBS, 2WW Upper GI, 2WW Lower GI, IBD

Endocrine/Palliative - Poorly Controlled Diabetes, New Diagnosis of Diabetes, Uncertainty Case, Palliative, Hypothyroidism

Dermatology - Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Hair Loss,

Cardiology/Respiratory - AF, Asthma, Antibiotics Request, Palpitations, PVD, High Cholesterol

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