AMAK Chartered Accountants: Tax and Money Advice


 Do you know you can save Β£1000's pounds on your tax bill as a doctor if you make the correct financial decisions? πŸ’°

 Usually you need to have a Chartered Accountant to make these savings πŸŽ“

 However, with so many different companies offering financial advice, who do you turn to❓

 Here at Inspire Medics, we have partnered with a Top Chartered Accounting firm (AMAK) who are known for their expertise and experience in helping doctors save money and reduce their tax bill πŸ’°

 They have been helping clients do this for over a decade❗

 Whether you want to setup a Limited Company for your locum work, save money, reduce your tax bill or make wise financial decisions with reduced tax implications, AMAK are our recommended financial advisors πŸ€“

 Read more below and get in touch with our team at Inspire Medics if you still have more questions β¬‡

What makes AMAK unique?

 AMAK have an excellent track record of saving Doctors tax, enabling you, as a doctor, to save on your salary on earnings via tax efficient laws and tax breaks πŸ’°

 AMAK have a fixed fee, meaning unlike other accountancy firms, you won’t receive any surprise costs πŸ˜±

 Since their incorporation, AMAK have never been late to file a tax return, making AMAK a reliable choice for any doctor πŸ“…

 AMAK use modern and innovative technology, developed in-house, including:

  1. AMAK cloud IT system πŸŒ₯
  2. Bespoke Management and Accounting Software πŸ’»
  3. Automated email and SMS reminder system, which ensures that no deadlines are ever missed πŸ“…
  4. Click here to learn more about some of the products AMAK have developed in-house πŸ 

 AMAK have a 100% client retention rate, and their clients are their advocates

 AMAK offer a Financial Health Check, FREE of charge  πŸ’°

 AMAK are able to do Zoom meetings, meaning you do not have to travel, which is perfect given the current COVID-19 restrictionsπŸ’»

 Post COVID-19 AMAK can meet you in your city, or place of work, to discuss confidential information, where necessary πŸ€

 As your business partner, AMAK are there to offer a helping hand πŸ€š


Contact AMAK:

Mobile: 075 1581 7859 (just drop a text if needed) πŸ“±

Website: πŸ’»


London office πŸ’:

AMAK Suites

86-90 Paul Street



Tel: 020 8050 5041


Oxford Office πŸ’:

267 Banbury Road Summertown



Tel: 01865 965021


  1. Save money
  2. Reduce tax bill legally
  3. Fixed fees
  4. Get doctor specific tax advice
  5. Tax returns ALWAYS filed on-time
  6. Modern Cloud Technology
  7. 100% client retention history
  8. Free financial health check
  9. Zoom meetings possible
  10. Physcial Meetings wherever suits you, post-COVID-19
  11. Excellent track record
  12. Highly Recommended

Get money saving advice AMAK:

Mobile: 075 1581 7859 (just drop a text message now!) πŸ“±

Website: πŸ’»

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