i-medics Ambassador Programme


What is it 

 An exciting opportunity to become an ambassador for i-medics 

We educate over 10,000 doctors every year

 Help us raise awareness about our brand & FREE question banks

 Gain invaluable experience to support your medical school application or medical training 

Network with like minded indviduals in the medical field

 Get involved with Podcasting, Vlogs, Youtube Videos, Blog writing, Debating, Mentoring and much more!


Why do we need ambassadors? 

 We want to support as many students considering, or currently studying, medicine as possible 

 We want to support as many doctors as possible in their career journeys

 By being an ambassador, you can help us raise awareness about our brand


Who can become an i-medics ambassador ❓ 

  GCSE students

  A level students

  College/sixth form students

  Medical Students

  UK doctors

  international doctors

Why should you become an Inspire Medics Ambassador 

 Looks great on your CV or personal statement 📃

Monthly developmental webinars

Opportunities for mentoring and to be mentored by Medics

 50% discount on ALL of our educational products 💷

 Be the first to know about new features  

 Work with 2 UK GPs and have monthly meetings about your development 

 i-medics hoodie and photo-ID card 💳

 Volunteering opportunities with International Medical Humanitarian Charities 

 Annual socials  


How you can help our team 

 Promote our brand at your school/college/work place 🏫

Share our brand on your social media (don’t forget to tag us) 


  1. Become an ambassador for i-medics to help us raise awareness for our brand
  2. Promote our brand e.g. in your school/college and on social media
  3. Get 50% off our products and great experience in return
  4. Check out the video at the bottom of the page if you want more info!

Ambassador Programme Information

About the author

The i-medics Editorial Team consists of Doctors, Medical Students, Professional Content writers, i-medics Ambassadors and Freelance workers.