General Palliative Care (Secretions)

What is General Palliative Care (Secretions) ❓

 Palliative care is treatment given to improve the quality of life of patients with serious illness and reduce any discomfort

 Various secretions, such as saliva, mucus or digestive fluids 💧

 These sometimes ”pool” in the throat of very sick terminal patients

 Causes: weakness, reduced consciousness, dehydration, chest infection, old age, impaired reflex 🧓

What are the Symptoms of Secretions ❓

 Pooling of secretions in throat/airway

 Loud noises e.g. gurgling, rattling 🔊

How do you Diagnose Secretions ❓

 Patient examination 🔍

How do you Treat Secretions ❓

 Repositioning of patient (elevate) 🛌

 Suctioning of secretions

 Medication to help reduce secretions 💊

 Antibiotics in some cases

Why should I Worry about Secretions ❓

 Noisy secretions can indicate end of life 🏥

 Sometimes, treatment cannot relieve the symptoms

 Can cause distress to the patient's family 👪

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