Constructing the perfect CV for NHS jobs

Follow this step by step guide to help you structure the perfect CV to secure a job within the NHS.



 Address πŸ‘ 

 Mobile number πŸ“± 

 Email address πŸ’»  



 A brief background about yourself πŸ™ 

 Relevant work experience πŸ₯ 

 Career aspirations 

 Why you are applying for this role 



 List qualifications from present to past πŸŽ“  

 Avoid table borders, as these can be aesthetically unpleasing πŸ‘Ž 

 Put the key information (e.g. dates and degree title) in bold 


Training courses: 

 Use the same layout as your education section 

 If you don’t have any, don’t worry, just leave this section out βŒ 


Medical Work Experience: 

 List your work experience from present to past 

 You should include: your job title, the hospital, the duration and your job description (what you did there) πŸ₯ 


Research/ Audit/ Clinical governance experience: 

 Use the same layout as your medical work experience πŸ₯ 

 If you don’t have any, don’t worry, just leave this section out βŒ  


Teaching experience: 

 Use the same layout at the previous 2 sections 

 Include formal and informal teaching qualifications πŸ«  

 Explain when you taught someone and what you taught them  


Management Experience: 

 Use the same layout as the previous 3 sections 

 Explain the situation, the task, your actions and the outcome πŸ’»  


Team work experience: 

 Use the same layout as the previous 4 sections 

 List a couple of examples in which you have demonstrated good teamwork skills πŸ‘«  


Volunteer work: 

 Use the same layout as the previous 5 sections 

 If you don’t have any, don’t worry, just leave this section out βŒ 


Additional languages: 

 List any languages you can speak 

 Include your proficiency (limited/moderate/fluent) πŸ—£  



 Include skills which match the job description/person specification πŸ“„ 

 Use example 



 Keep this section short 

 Make it personal πŸ™ 

 This is about you, not the job description πŸ“„  

 Include things like sports or reading πŸ€½ 



 You may include your references 

 Alternatively, you could write β€˜Available upon request’ if you do not want to disclose them yet 


Top tips: 

 Do NOT send it was a word document, always send it in PDF format πŸ’» 

 Keep it concise❗ 

 Make sure grammar/punctuation is accurate❗ 

 Do not discuss your personal circumstances or beg for the job βŒ 

 Use your own words and make sure it is unique πŸ™ 

 Choose a layout and stick to it❗ 


  1. Header (basic details)
  2. Introduction (brief background)
  3. Education (listed from present to past)
  4. Training courses (ideally relevant to the job)
  5. Medical work experience (in a medical setting)
  6. Research/audit/clinical governance experience (maintain same layout)
  7. Teaching experience (who, what, where)
  8. Management experience (situation, task, actions and outcome)
  9. Team work experience (a couple of examples)
  10. Volunteer work (ideally relevant)
  11. Additional languages (include your proficiency)
  12. Skills (which match the job description)
  13. Interests (short, personal section)
  14. References (optional)

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